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We had just moved to Columbia and bought a house. Three days after we moved in my husband was desperately ill, and then I smelled gas. I called in Dominion and they red tagged us for gas leaks with high levels. I had the people who had installed the new heater (Four Seasons. don't use them) for our sellers come back, and they found two leaks because of their recent work but tried to pull a sneaky "pressure test" fast fix to cover other leaks. I got rid of them and called Franklin plumbing in...their guy spent 2 hours telling me what he would not do (anything under the house), fixed one leak and gave me a hefty bill. Webster came out and spent an entire day for under $1000. When the pressure test failed they spent another day finding and fixing the final leak. They did not charge for the second day because Webster guarantees their work. They found 8 gas leaks the other "professional" companies missed or didn't bother to find. The other companies told me that a little gas leak doesn't hurt anyone. Websters response to that was NO! All of the leaks they found were in areas Four Seasons worked on.

Morgana Wyze

They are professional, efficient, and do the job right the first time. I highly recommend them for all plumbing and gas work.

Diane Hare

Thank you James for excellent service! Highly recommend!

Annette Clark-Brown

I've used this company 3 or 4 times. Never been disappointed. Prices are fair for what is done. The don't try to up sell you.

Michael Redmond

They installed a tankless water heater for us. Did a great job at a reasonable price! Great to deal with!

Elvin Ventresco

Great, honest and efficient. Definitely will call again

Charlene Parker

Mark and James are the best! Had a fire caused by a previous plumber not doing the work according to code. Mark and James came out and did it the right way. The workmanship exhibited is so superior to the other plumbers work in the past, light years ahead is a good phrase. I highly recommend Webster Plumbing!

Andy Koin

Very professional! And compatible pricing!!

Terry Champe

They did a Great Job!!

Cynthia Menigoz

24 Hours a Day We’re Here to Serve You